Only a Singer of Songs

by Sam Dale

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This little tiny album was recorded at 'Salon Berlin', Pankow, Berlin between the 9th and 12th of March, 2015, by the highly accomplished Christian Mevs and Olaf Boqwist. We were joined by the fantastic Friedrich Stoermer, Vladimir Miller and Davidov Larsen, and not only were they all great, they were all really nice too!


released March 16, 2015

Producer and Engineer: Christian Mevs and Olaf Boqwist
Drums and slide guitar: Olaf Boqwist
Double Bass: Friedrich Stoermer
Flute and Clarinet: Vladimir Miller
Alto Saxophone: Larsen



all rights reserved


Sam Dale Berlin, Germany

born into a tiny shed in Lincoln, where he was very happy. Then he got too big for the shed so he had to leave. Now living in Berlin where he plays the guitar for bread and for offers of shows elsewhere. Big fan of soup and most cakes.

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Track Name: Skypeing at Midnight
25 computer screens, sitting in a row
Skypein at midnight with nowhere else to go.
Spending all your evenings in an internet cafe
Skypeing at midnight, wasting your time away

You've been Skypeing, and it's only
A very fine line that seperates alone and lonely.

Paint peeling off the wall, toilet blocked and broke
When did my life turn into this internet joke?
There's a woman in another world who knows my name
A smell of decomposing, and ain't it kind of a shame

When you've been Skypeing, all night long
You could have been writing a song.

And as the evening falls, on a long distance call
You look to the hills, and say
'why do I still stay'?

When having those you love around you is it's own reward
Sitting here alone all night, baby ain't you bored.

Waiting for a miracle, something to make it right
But sitting here all on your own
Watching the evening come
Then Skypeing right through the night.
Track Name: What Have I Done This Time?
Come home uneasy
sneak through the door
Silence is seething and more.
First taste of heaven
Already turned to hell
Atmosphere is heavy, why don't you tell

What have I done this time?

Hear voices screaming
Echo round my head
Even when I'm dreaming in our bed.
Most words you say to me
Tear into my brain
But your silence drives me to exclaim

What have I done this time?

I wonder when this as my world is going to stop.

You call me Judas and say I took the pay
I can't get through this anyway.
And in confusion, I'm tearing out my hair
Smash my head against the wall, bleeding screaming

What have I done this time?
Track Name: Only a Singer of Songs
Well the highway lights, have all disappeared
And my bed for the night, I'll make it here
I didn't mean to do anybody no wrong
I'm only a singer of songs

Songs are phantasms that drift through my mind
To hide myself in them is the one joy I find
Sound is a forest, and the trees I'm lost among
I'm only a singer of songs.

Life is a train I will ride to the end
Spirit is a smoke, that drifts with no friend
I'm waiting for the stop where I will belong
There is none
Not for a singer of songs

But I once had a woman who loved me half to death
Swore she wouldn't leave til I'd breathed my last breath
But I had to go, for I knew I was doing her wrong
I'm only a singer of songs

If I had a castle, I would pull it right down
If I had some money, I would go into town
Spend it on drinking and wake once again with none,
Go back to singing my songs.

Now the nightingale's voice cuts through the rain
She had no choice and she feels no pain
Me I could have been different, but here I am singing along
I'm only a singer of songs.
Track Name: After All This Time
There must be a word to fix the trouble we've got it
And I know that you've been talking but it isn't sinking in
We can try all night to make it right
And say the word somehow

But if we still couldn't say it after all this time
How we gonna find a way to say it now?

When you talk a gypsy serenade is in my ears
Words are thrown a fuse is blown my memories and fears
And we're buried in an avalanche of chaos we allow

And if we still couldn't stop it after all this time
How we gonna find a way to stop it now?

Wandering and wondering what went wrong
All we learned is that the road is long
So long

Standing on the lovers stage we are the only cast
And the script is ripped and torn and words slip from a shotgun blast
And the ragged audience, they sense it's time to take a bow

If we still didn't make it after all this time
How we gonna find a way to make it now

Remember when we'd never fight but only ever talk and love all night?
Well for all that we have said it seems the net was slipped or maybe just too tight
For the word that could show the light and make it right somehow

If we still couldn't say it after all this time
How we gonna find a way to say it now?
Track Name: One That Got Away
When I was a child, I dreamed that I would one day meet a woman just like you
Then you came along and I thought it seemed my dreams were coming true
So I held you for what seemed like every hour every minute every day
But something still went wrong and you became another one that got away

And that's not to say that you're a fish or I'm a fisherman with a line
Or even to say that I believe in any way that any person could be mine

Maybe that's an accident, the very thought that things can be that way
And this obsession with possession is the reason you're the one that got away
One that got away

And now we are seperated I do not believe you will relive a word I said
I could have cried or died all night inside my silent hungry single bed

If you'd have known or not you could have got away to get inside the words I say
But the shadows fall to soon across the wall of the one who got away
One who got away
Track Name: Matador
Little Tommy Treadmill works every hour God sends
Saving for a Friday night out drinking for his friends.
But where he's going to find them, ain't nobody knows,
Their addresses and their numbers, he lost them long ago.
So Friday night comes, he stands with his round
All he thinks is 'how many drinks does it take a man to drown?'

Seen a lot of souls, with nowhere left to go
Don't know where they've been to, or how they'll get back home.

GI Joe had to go and leave the war behind
Didn't see that civvy street was all he was going to find.
It's all confusing when you don't know who to fight
No-one there to tell you who is in the right.
So now he walks, hands clenched in a fist
Don't know how to talk, who to kill and who to kiss

Seen a lot of souls, with nowhere left to go
Don't know where they've been to, or how they'll get back home.

Matador on the midnight streets, his sword is broke
Everyone who hears him speak would swear it's all a joke.
But he can still remember nights the moon was full
Cheering of the crowd and the falling of the bull.
Now he's only trying to see his wine won't spill
Hold himself up crying, on a windowsill

Seen a lot of souls, with nowhere left to go
Don't know where they've been to, or how they'll get back home.
And we are two more souls, with nowhere left to go
Don't know wherewe've been to, or how we'll get back home.